Thursday, September 3, 2009

Episode 751

Read the comic here.

Those of you who had Donut pegged as a Herring....sorry. Better luck next time.


Nick said...

Something about the "The car fell on the executioner" just made my day.

'BrickWasp' said...

"Can't we just shoot them?" He he heh. Hey Chris: I'm wanting to make a contest and I'm wondering if you could mayhap put it on your site, kinda like a sponsorship but not involving money. You know, like the Spooky Star Wars contest. You can email me at abou the contest. Keep up the good comics!

Ben said...

so green donut is young donut?

Robin Hood said... green Donut is the head that was just killed reincarnate? Please say yes....else this will begin to hurt.