Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jumping on the Cube Dude bandwagon

I know I haven't posted the overdue comic for today - I got sidetracked actually building something for a change.

Have you guys seen the latest Flickr LEGO fad? It's a great concept from Pixar's Angus MacLane called "Cube Dudes" - little not-quite-miniland scale creations with a very distinctive look and flavor to them. Check out the Flickr Pool here.

Anyway, I've built a couple, with a few more in the works. Here's my favorite villain, Sinestro, in Cube Dude form...

Sinestro CubeDude v2

and my second attempt, the Black Knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail....before...

Black Knight Cube Dude

...and after.

Black Knight - Disarmed!

Anyway, I did manage to find my workbench again, so should have more stuff to post tomorrow...including the missing comics.


Anonymous said...

Totally cubical! What's a "cheese" slope?

Nick said...

Great to see you building again. I really like the knight's helmet.

Great escaper said...

Yeah, Sinistero! I take it your reading the awsome Blackest Night event then Chris?