Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing: The Brick Comic Network

Are you interested in LEGO Webcomics? Run one yourself? Thinking of starting? Have we got the place for you...

Say hello to the Brick Comic Network!

Celebrating Brick-Based webcomics the world over, the BCN is a forum where authors can swap ideas, interact with fans, and share our resources. Our goal is to help build a LEGO Webcomic community - one that will help bring our particular style of comics to a larger audience.

Interact with the authors of Irregular Webcomic, Legostar Galactica, Adventures of the S-team, The Brickworld Saga, Brick House, Tranquility Base, Glomshire Knights, Tabletown Online, Harry Potter Comics, and more!

We're still getting started, drop by and help shape the future!

Also! Look for a BCN dropdown on some of your favorite LEGO's a quick link to other quality strips that you might not have seen before!

Figures. The moment I make an announcement my host has SQL server problems. Will update with status when I hear something.
Edit 2:
SQL server rest by hosting company - things are back up. (Hopefully they'll stay up, too.)


legostargalactica said...

the forum seems to be broken.

Christopher Doyle said...


yeah, I've got a trouble ticket in to my hosting company. Hopefully they'll have it fixed shortly.