Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Episode 745

Read the comic here.

Teen Whiskey and Mary Sue are up late...or up early...or they're just teenagers and don't sleep. You make the call.


Ben said...

so they are completely different personalities yet still get along?

Anonymous said...

Mary Sue? You mean Mary Beth, surely.

abcd77 said...

dawn would be in 2 hours so 10:00 isn't early.And teens should be asleep till 1:00

bradley said...

what happened to old whiskey, fox,new donut and wash

Christopher Doyle said...


Uh...yeah. Although I bet Mary Sue is still up pacing the cell. Who could sleep with death awaiting you in two hours?

@abcd77: Are you suggesting dawn occurs at midnight?

Sunrise at 6:00 or so. This strip happens at roughly four in the morning. Pretty late (or early, depending).

They haven't been forgotten. Just be patient.

pokank said...

hmp. told ya so

see? i did

Clifford said...

Great, I havent been reading for a while and i come back and now... this. Interesting
and what about the Daily/friday fails?

Christopher Doyle said...


Still behind on photography for the fails. Hope to have them back in rotation soon.

Anonymous said...

How did Scotch know it was still dark out if they're in a cell?

Oh, and I love the new lighting. Gives things a very sci-fi-ish feel.

pokank said...

the sae blog link 2 days in a row?
plus, bunky shouldn't have said that