Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Episode 734

Read the comic here.

The alien in the cell will get some better screen time later this week. In the meantime, long time readers might recognize a slight similarity to a guest star from Strip 191.

Oh. And, yeah, new set.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that was Bunky. Does that mean the rest of the Milkman crew is coming back?

Little Fire said...

Hey, it's Bunky.
All of a sudden a vision of Donut and Scotch coming to kill Juan popped into my mind.
Wait. Considering it's you Chris, I'll empty that vision.

abcd77 said...

Nice fishing joke...

pokank said...

hey, so are scotch and that fish guy married?

i'm confused

Christopher Doyle said...


Hopefully you're joking. If not, I'd suggest going back a month or so in the archives and re-reading.

I've got a couple of "plot recap" strips in the queue to help, too. And things will run pretty much in a straight line until December as I wrap up the story.

Nick said...

"as I wrap up the story."


Christopher Doyle said...


My current plan is to wrap up the story in the next 11 weeks. It's not the end of the strip, just the conclusion to all the current plotlines.

Little Fire said...

@ Chris

A two year story finally ends. And what happened to the Cola Wars?

Great escaper said...

Nice! This will take us through to the 09 advent calender then.

Christopher Doyle said...

@Little Fire:
Three year.

And you've still got 11 weeks to find things out.


Noticed that, did you?