Monday, March 8, 2010

Wonkyness on the way

I've decided to move Reasonably Clever to a new webhost, one that will run Wordpress. The migration will (hopefully) take place this week. The site will most likely be majorly broken for long stretches as I make the transition. I'll try and get at least a ghost copy of things up as soon as I can.

So...likely no comics this week.

Updates as they happen. Or don't.


Update: Site move now in progress. I'm re-uploading a copy of the current site...but it's going to take a while. I tried to put the more frequently used areas (Mizers/Comic/Blog) up first to minimize the hassle.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean a site re-vamp?

Christopher Doyle said...

In a big way.

Dave said...

Good luck with the migration, Chris. I've been a fan of WP for a while now, so I hope it serves you well.

LegoManJosh said...

Don't forget to put a link/redirect on your current site to the new one!

Good luck!

Legowink said...

I would love to see the steampunk falcon, and serenity stuff stay please. I am fine with the idea of hiatus (if that is how you spell it) for a while

WV: unless
A real word!

Lich Barrister said...

I was half-afraid that the hairball's comment on Friday was a cryptic message that things were done! Phew!