Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still working things out.

Okay. Wordpress is being a bitch. So I guess I'm going to hybridize the site - the blog can stay here at blogger, and I'll use Comicpress to manage the comic (assuming I can get that to work right.)

Comic comments and updates will be from the front page of the site now, though.



legostargalactica said...

What kind of problems are you having?

Christopher Doyle said...

@Legostar: meta.php was crashing, preventing me from doing any edits,storyline changes, etc. It was showing as an out of memory error - most likely due to the ton of crap in the imported blogger entries.

I only got the first month or so's comments anyway...so I figured I'd just focus on getting the comic up and working first...THEN worry about the rest of this.

Anonymous said...

What a fracking pain in the arse. My webhost gives me a virtual private server so I can increase the RAM allocated to my site as I need it. Not that I've needed it. But still :-P