Friday, February 19, 2010

LEGO Set Photo Review: Duplo Farm Animal Mystery!

Many in the LEGO community are excited about the upcoming "Mystery Mini-Figure" collectible sets. I know I am.

But did you know LEGO is already testing out a Mystery Assortment? It's true! And it's DUPLO!

30060 Duplo Easter Impulse - Front
30060 DUPLO Easter Impulse

Take a gander at this Spring/Easter Impulse set. You get three DUPLO bricks (two yellow, one green) and one of five mystery characters.

Yeah. Four pieces.

For three bucks.

Beyond the silly price point, there's another fatal flaw with this set. The figure is supposed to be a mystery, right? Well, if you flip over the package....

30060 Duplo Easter Impulse - calf

...You can see what's inside. This bag, for example, has the calf in it. (Click to enbiggen)

I suppose this was done to keep people from ripping open the bags to make sure their kids get a full set...but at that point, why not just make bags for each animal?

It's a puzzlement.

The final mystery, though? What a farm animal is supposed to do with three DUPLO blocks.

Here's my solution:

30060 Duplo Easter Impulse - stackable

Anyway, if you want to see more photos, the full Flickr set is here.

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Great escaper said...

Hmm..if LEGO makes a deal with Zynga, they could make...Farmville LEGO sets!! $$$$!