Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Episode 873

Read the comic here.

Yes, a location outside of my workshop. Yes, that's the bathroom in our house.

The interesting thing about posing mini-figures on a toilet seat is that the rim tends to slope inward towards the bowl. I had to use a small bit of tape to get Donut to cling to the edge like that.

The threat of lukewarm pork is one of the most evil things I can imagine.


Ian said...

"Lukewarm pork" made me giggle. One of my favorite things to suggest when somebody's feeling queasy is "greasy pork in a dirty ashtray" because I'm kind of a jerk that way.

David said...

Isn't "lukewarm pork" the same thing that the witch offered Whiskey when he was throwing up violently before they figured out his liver was a zombie?

Cancerkitty said...

As always, loving the MST3K references.