Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Episode 883

Read the comic here.


Mad Television Distorter Of Doom said...

If i had a internet-time-machine i'd internet-time-travel 10 years in the future and spend hours reading Brick House in peace without having to wait for the next episodes!!!!11!!!11!!1!1111!!111eleven.

bradley said...

@ mad...

ok then>?<
what with the 1,! and eleven
btw total aggree
ps. did i spell "aggree" right

replica said...

im starting to like 2 headed whisky more than 1 headed whisky. my favourite charicter is still scotch anyway (followed closley by agent 13)

was the french chef a red herring?


bradley said...

i loved mr.short hey chris u should make zombie mr.short
ps. whatever happend to Colda, the Pineapple Man

Great escaper said...

Wow, the suspense!

bradley said...

btw-btw @ mad... again

i didnt start reading the scrip until last year when i found it

then i found s-team

RJBT said...


Reasonably Clever,
Adventures of the S-Team,
Legostar Galactica,
BrickWorld Saga,
Irregular Webcomic but got bored and stopped reading,
Then I found the BCN and everything else.