Monday, May 10, 2010

The Keychain Experiment

While I was visiting TwinLUG last month, I picked up a new LEGO keychain at the Mall of America. In tribute to the recent Brick House story arc, I selecteded a Red Rock Monster. (He was on sale, too. What a deal!)

It seems I'm always needing to replace my keychain. I've been through a Pirate, several Exo-Force guys, and most recently a Mr. Freeze. They start out so very nice, but end up mangled blobs of plastic.

Maybe I have too many keys. Maybe they're just substandard LEGO.

I noticed this morning that the process has begun anew on the Rock Monster. His paint is rapidly wearing away...although the plastic parts still look okay.

Here, I took a photo with my phone. (Click to embiggen)
I figure I'll post an update on his status every once in a while - let's see how long this one lasts.


Anonymous said...

you could say that he is melting, right

Anonymous said...

My normal rock monsters are starting to do that.It sucks :(

LegoManJosh said...

This is going to be Spaztisticly Spaztacular!